Harley Davidson – Princess in training (entry 2)

Would you wish that someone would train your skills to be a better woman or a cooler guy? I had this wish so I did some princess in training…

Princess in training – Getting to know men

Mallorca Hog Rock – Harley Davidson owners group meeting October 2010.
There’s just something about leather jackets, tough guys and their motorcycles. Today was my Princess in Training day with the MachoTherapist (chapter 8 790 and I still have much to learn). I took out my black PVC pants, my leather jacket and the highest heals I own. I fixed my make up and thought: Let’s rock it. Yup, sometimes just being pretty isn’t enough, you have to be prepared to know what exactly to wear and what not to wear.
When you walk to a Harley – try to keep your posture good and look sexy ( this means feel how you walk and move your body – give 150% more than you would normally give). Trust me the guy wont be happy with a sack of potatoes (been there, done that). When you go on the bike make sure you wear pants that allow you to lift your leg over the bike. It is extremely embarrassing to not be able do this with grace. (Take my word for it). Try not to hit your helmet constantly on his helmet while you sit in the back…Thats not sexy.
One of the themes these guys have is: Get serious about your fun. Find out what’s in it for you. But beware: Prolonged exposure may lead to extended periods of uncontrolled euphoria.
This day for me was about being a woman amongst tough guys. The MachoTherapist took me to his Harley meeting / biker festival. The feeling was amazing. Getting on a bike and driving fast through the streets, holding on to a muscled guy, feeling definitely different to a normal office worker and being certainly touched by this uncontrolled euphoria. I am not at all the type that would loose control and have crazy fun. So I feel extreme gratefulness to the guy who invented motorcycles. Or MachoTherapy for that matter for letting me get in contact to this way of living.
I think every woman should have a bit of MachoTherapy  to feel like a woman and train to be a woman amongst men. I went in as a woman to discover some male secrets but instead I was discovering secrets for women. First of all – if you don’t want to piss a guy off – be prepared. Don’t discuss about whether you are right or he is right. That is not sexy. Do not whine or nag no matter what. That is not sexy. The attraction you have has nothing to do with your looks (89 % of the time) but infact everything to do with how you carry yourself and your attitude. Your posture is THE nr.1 element of feeling attractive when you walk and the more interest you feel towards what is happening around you the better you will fit in. AND there’s no BS about harmony, balance and health. It’s about enjoying what is there. The MachoTherapist taught me a secret tip connected to this way of living:
Men like HOT DOGS and that’s it.  🙂