The ugly truths and Jackass – Princess in training (entry 4)

I was wondering why my boss said: Work with the MachoTherapist resembles the TV show Jackass. You know the show where it’s funny to throw darts at each other and staple paper on naked skin?

Now, I know… and here’s why.

Well, I am not actually throwing darts at anyone – and I am definitely too much of a princess to staple someone. But we do something similar emotionally.

I have discovered the secret to beauty and youth! It’s the ugly truth – it’s all those painful, ugly emotions that we try to not look at that makes us look worn out or old.

I am serious!

The more I face challenges and “ugly” feelings the prettier I get and the more my body changes. Working with the MachoTherapist you can’t actually avoid dealing with them (Just imagine how pretty I’ll be a year from now), because he has this habit of challenging and provoking 24/7.

I’m at the moment happily finding myself dealing with looser-doom (Oh I hope this is THE magical door to something amazing – I would appreciate longer legs. 🙂 ). In any case – I am discovering how building a vicious circle of never feeling like I am good enough and worth something works. It’s basically built through a need of mine to always be the best, the smartest, the tallest, in control…

You see my problem here?

Can you imagine what this causes – what kind of feelings I need to deal with because there are so many great and talented people out there. Jealousy, competition, feeling minor, stupid, ignorant… Doesn’t exactly make me the brightest and lightest star in the constellation.

Once I got my job with the MachoTherapist the deal was pretty much to enjoy my work and be open to grow. Of course I didn’t. (to make my life even more fun – I did exactly the opposite).

Needles to say that there is a bit of a control-aholic in me.

I think I am a typical woman – you know the type who sits in the passengers seat and wants to tell you how to drive? I can’t help it – Seriously, I think it must be in the genes of some of us.

Can you imagine how little space that leaves to spontaneous fun, romance or any other kind of fun thing that is not under control? Exciting events? Love? Success? Sex?

I can.

Interesting, huh, how one thing leads to another? After being a control-aholic I find myself romantically challenged also.

I guess this is why the other day I was invited to go to the race tracks with the MachoTherapist – to show me how he works on finding sense in life, vitality & passion with a client. (Note: watch video of what they did)

And how much fun it’s to look at the ugly truth of being a looser. In this case it was our MachoTherapist who lived his looser side. I have to say I loved to see this side of my boss – to remind myself again that he lives what he gives.

Maybe it’s not about giving up control to get more space for spontaneous fun – but to enjoy it more? Maybe every ugly, or what ever, feeling is about the attitude more than the actual problem? Therefore I think Jackass and especially the emotions version of it has something genius in it – because when we learn to enjoy and have fun with challenges and our ugly truths then there’s nothing we can’t deal with. I really believe so.

And I learned something precious at the race tracks:“Don’t change something before you know you really understood it. Find your limit” – MT

Phew, thats a relief.

I think through finding my natural limits, I can work on what is my position among the other stars.