Princess in training – the beginning (entry 1)

Do you know those movies where the heroin is first the ugly duckling and then becomes the beauty and amazing woman? I don’t know about other women but I haven’t exactly felt like the most confident woman.  And I keep having all these questions on how to be a woman and what does it really mean. Is there some secret recipe on how to rock it, how to shake it, how to be graceful, elegant, sexy, interesting, loving, erotic, intelligent…

My solution to find answers for these questions was to apply for a job with the MachoTherapist.

Smart, eh?

For all women, I want to contribute my share of efforts and mistakes. Embarrassing tries and successful moments. And for all men – I want to tell you that we do try!! So what are the most common mistakes a woman does while she tries to be a good woman? What are the things that I as a woman just don’t get when I try to communicate with men?

Okay, so maybe you get the idea …

Next step: You know these James Bond type of men who seem to be able to enter any world and succeed playing a role in it? Conquering women, driving fast cars, flying helicopters, driving motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles… doing business and having fun action on the side. The macho and gentleman type of guys?

Well I feel like I have just entered Casino Royale.

Take this guy: James Bond, as a reference and then add spirituality and being a father to the picture, maybe a spice of a farmer and woodworker. Then add life-experiences like depression, broken heart, jealousy, love, success, competition, insecurity and self security in the picture.

When you got that picture take this James Bond image and place him in a picture with another guy (or woman) doing physical, emotional, deep, fun, consciousness and action life-coaching and you get more or less the idea of what the playfield for the MachoTherapist is.

My job with the MachoTherapist includes accompanying him and his clients to different worlds. So I need to enter different realities and learn how to walk, talk, dress and act in all these situations. I’ll tell you a little secret – as manly as this MachoTherapy is – it is a treasure shop for women. And I plan to tell you what I discover while I enter different worlds and do my steps to become a “better” woman with the MachoTherapist. As a little personal secret – I did some of this MachoTherapy previously before having this job, so we did some steps already.

Stick with me and lets see where we end up!

I will share the secret tips I get from the MachoTherapist and I will collect what he says about anything that could help men and women to see the light at the end of some topic tunnels.