Are relationships meant to last forever? Valentines Day – Princess in training (entry 6)

What is your definition of LOVE? I am looking for mine.

Okay people, this will be a little different entry. I am feeling more philosophical and don’t really have a concrete experience to share.

Valentine’s Day is coming and I’ve been working on video material for our library about relationships, sexuality and LOVE. Needless to say I start to be pretty loaded with these topics.

Is sex also love? Are relationships meant to last forever?

Why is it that sometimes we just fall out of “love” or were we ever “in-love” if that happens?

This is such an interesting topic isn’t it. I sit night and day editing and trying to answer those questions through the videos I am watching. They are provoking more questions to come up…

Take this question for example:

Why is it that sometimes it feels like love is not enough and no matter what you do it just does not work? 

In Finland we call Valentine’s Day: “Friend’s Day” and as I am Finnish and not so used to romance and chocolate hearts, I find this definition somehow calming.

Have you ever felt like you are romantically challenged?

When all the others seem to have this ability to be all gooey and loving, I feel like love is something else. (Okay yes – a part of the reason I do my princess in training, is to find this gooey side of myself and live love like that too – but untill I do…)

While I looked (and keep looking) for my definition of LOVE I got reminded of what I learned once in a seminar.

It was a Thomas Hertlein MachoTherapy workshop where he explained that as an energy love is not like the others. If we imagine other energies to travel on a wave and therefore to have a frequency, love on the other hand is like a spiral, which can fit all the other frequencies in it – making it the largest combination of frequencies that we can imagine.

But what is real love then?

Is it the un-changing and forever devoted commitment we make? The frequency we commit to?

“You are this for me and I am that for you – once we thought this and can’t get out of our vows? We have to play the same roles for the rest of our lives, because we made a promise once to love? Is that love?

Or is it actually the beauty of allowing our worlds to change? The beauty of letting change happen? Is real love letting the spiral turn and finding each other again in new roles?

 “Love is the understanding of perfection – it is perfect as it is and does not need me to make it better. The funny thing is: thinking like this I will make it better.” – TH.

 When love is not enough – does it just mean we didn’t open our hearts to love more?

 “Love that has enough space to understand doesn’t stop. This kind of love grows. This kind of love wants more growth, understanding and connection.

The more I feel the more I see, the more I can share
, and the more I can love…” – TH.

So can it be that the spiral of love is actually something like friendship, partnership or a connection of two souls that grow together through life?