My experience at the Matrix Room – James

I was lost. Completely. Little by little over the years I had stopped doing what I believed in, stopped behaving how I felt, and drifted in to a life of following rules and acting out roles. What the hell happened to ‘me’? Self-help books comforted me and taught clever survival tricks, and new-age spiritual books inspired me with glimpses of other dimensions. But I was stuck here, trapped in my day to day fake life, fake reality.

And then Matrix Room happened. The Matrix team are intelligent radical thinkers, and their teachings woke me up and showed me how to access a new dimension of reality in my life. Under their guidance, one by one I have started to question the roles I play, the rules I follow, the relationships that I cling to. My life is now an exhilarating revolution and my hobby is exploring this crazy new place called ‘my life’.

I’d be happy to chat with you and tell more about my experience with the Matrix team.