Newsletter September 2014 – Get off the “hamster wheel”

Greetings from Mallorca,

Some days ago I decided to fly to Spain. You know those decisions that make you scared and excited at the same time? This was one of them. I’d been stuck on “performance mode”, doing things with an attitude that felt a lot like running and running and running but never really getting anywhere. Except to maybe to tell my friends how tired I am and how much I ran.

I arrived to Spain to our Mallorca office and was greeted by the team here and mr. Hertlein who took one look at me and said: “Hey hamster, don’t you think it’s time to use your hands for something else than avoiding falling on your face? It seems the wheel keeps turning because you keep on aiming your face at it – but how about using your hands to grasp something that helps you stand up straight and be stabile?“. To describe my feeling in that moment was something like this: TOUCHDOWN – OH SHIT! I am a hamster!

Wait, it gets better!

Running on my hamster wheel is something I seem to do with many other things too. You know when you spend all your energy “thinking a relationship to work” but not actually doing anything differently? Or you spend all your time thinking why things happen as they do, why you don’t loose weight, why you don’t find the love of your life, why you don’t have that amazing sex… Thinking, thinking, thinking…. hoping that one of these days “a thought” will fix everything? Or you spend every day doing the same routines and wondering why “the perfect partner”, “the great opportunity”, “that chance you’ve been looking for” does not enter your life. Well HELLO HAMSTER – I’ve got news for you: It’s a wheel – it wont take you to a new place!

What do I need to change to get off the hamster wheel?

“The wheel is nothing bad – you can think of it as a training exercise, to train your thoughts and to train your muscles. But to get off the wheel, I think you need to re-organise your life. Cut all the bullshit, when you know that you are not really going anywhere with your thoughts, behaviour and actions. Is this really what you want to do? Is this thought, action or feeling nourishing you? Is your daily routine the thing that makes you satisfied? What is missing? Take leadership of yourself.

You need something stabile, something you can hold on to and cutting the crap is it. Trying to get stability from a turning wheel is possible, but the price is very high – you will keep on running, feeling exhausted and get minimal results – when instead you could make a change and get bigger results with much less effort and way less bullshit” – Thomas Hertlein

So all the HAMSTERS out there – shall we go for a real run?

EmmiPs. again – if you wish to study YOUR PATTERNS & YOUR CLIENTS PATTERNS directly with Thomas in our Skills and Awareness trainings or have a private session with him, he will be in Helsinki between the 25th and 29th of September holding a course and taking a few clients. You can contact me at and check out the training invitation below. (Sessions available only for the fastest ones).