Newsletter November 2014 – Burnout, how long can you go?

How long can you go before you burn out? I could go for two years! 🙂
Did you know that: When you are tired, feeling like an ass hole all the time, when you forgot what it feels like to feel, when your brain is on autopilot and you actually forgot your best friends name, no one will come and give you a reword?!
Personally I find that a bit unsatisfying because I really put a lot of effort into “burning out” – the only reword I got was: “Hey you are doing it wrong!”
So to get some recognition for it I would like to share my 10 tips on how to burn out (if you have better ones please share, so I can do it better next time):

1. Pretend that you don’t have needs. The more you look like a frozen PROFESSIONAL work-machine with iced up feelings, no sexuality or need for closeness the better you will use up all your recourses.

2. Always pretend that you know how to do something and NEVER ask for help!!! Because asking for help would blow your cover and no-one would believe you are really a machine.

3. Forget to eat and try not to sleep. The best way to really feel bad is to ignore your basic needs like food and sleep. It’s really easy – just stimulate your adrenal glands with more coffee and you will feel like you run on caffein only.

4. When you have completely destroyed your base, that means you are sleep deprived, your body is mostly running on fumes, you can’t talk without crying THEN is the right time to start a new project!!! Make sure it’s something HUGE so that you can fail in a glorious manner.

5. Be paranoid. Your body will give you the most interesting sensations when you don’t take care of it, giving you a nice twist in perception.That is a good time to start blaming others for your life. Blame your boss, blame your husband, blame the world, blame your dog! Because they ARE all out to get you!!! The less responsibility you can take the better! Alternatively you can also blame yourself and how much you suck, that gives a nice extra on pity points.

6. Don’t move. Exercise, even in small doses, might change your feeling and that is not what you want!

7. Don’t have fun – when your friends (if you have any) ask you to do something – always say no because 1. It’s better that they suspect you are not doing so well but don’t really know. You will feel like a mysterious SUPER(wo)MAN and 2. You can later on blame them for not even seeing how tired you are or appreciate how much you suffer!

8. Discuss stupidly! When someone offers help make sure you ignore it completely or start a discussion!!! It is a great way to alienate anyone who could come close enough to see how you are doing and help you out.

9. Never admit you are weak. Yes, well there is not much to say about that. Just never admit it.

10. And finally: DO NOT let anyone come close to you. You are better off never expressing your inner workings because as we all know by now – you are crazy. Yep. So there. That’s how I did it. Applause please. I think I did it really well. 🙂

As a reword for myself and to have some fun with our personal power, our “dark sides” and frozen recourses, I decided to organise an event in Saariselkä Lapland with Thomas Hertlein. It’s for an exclusive group of 10 people who wish to discover how to use the resources that are either frozen or in the dark in their lives. Read more about it below. Also I am organising a “study group” next week on Saturday 29.11. between 10AM and 6PM if you feel like getting to know what we do here. Wishing you a great day! Smiles, Emmi

NEXT EVENTS: Helsinki 29.11.2014 Study group Zürich 9.1.2015 Business in 2020 – How long can you go before you burn out? Lapland 27.2.-1.3.2015 Darkness and light VIP event