The benefit of understanding the body – Read Treat Therapies

Dear reader,

My name is Emmi Lahti and I am glad to welcome you to the world of RTT®

The REadTREAT Therapies® of Thomas Hertlein have aroused a wide spread interest in various medical and therapeutic fields. As well as in many seekers who look for understanding for their illnesses.

We are more than glad to offer you some basic benefits and insight to:

What are the REadTREAT Therapies®


How can they be applied in your work or to your body?

Working as a coach and therapist accompanying and supporting specialists Thomas Hertlein saw what a doctor goes through while treating his clients.

These days large financial rewords, knowing that you did a good job, a satisfied client or even having a private jet don’t seem to compensate for the amount of responsibility and stress a medical specialist carries through his work. The need to open for more HUMAN qualities and sensibly satisfying work ambiances seems to be invading clinics and practices. There is a human being behind every scalpel, just like we know there is a human behind every treated organ or body part.

Thomas spent the last 10 years investigating new forms of doctor-patient relationships to give alternatives to burn out, loss of enthusiasm and boredom in their every day lives. Which has resulted in developing and creating the REadTREAT Therapies® (2007).

He designed RTT®  as an “add on” to conventional and alternative medicine as well as other forms of therapy. The basic benefit that it offers is using a sickness or other body problem to gain an advantage by decoding and translating the connections it has to other life areas.

Having dealt with my own skin cancer with some of the best doctors in Finland at the same time having a Human Decoding through RTT® I truly think that a client can benefit greatly from understanding his/her “problem” and the sense in it, as well as working with a doctor who has the space to see more than just a diagnosis because so much more is affected.

I wish you warmly welcome to the world of Holistic HUMAN Treatments and REadTREAT Therapies®

Emmi Lahti