Matrix Room featured in Gloria magazine – January 2014

Gloria magazine published a story about the Matrix Room in January 2014 called “New Direction”

The following text is a free translation of that article.

People need leaders and direction showers for their lives like never before – for their spiritual growth, for their physical wellbeing, or for their work lives. And there are coaches for all directions. These sisters’ clients include foreign celebrities and royalty, career coaches and corporate heads as well as personal trainers, and burned out career missiles.

“The life of a person can be seen and felt in the body, in the posture, in the manners and in which parts of the body have pain again and again” the sisters Essi 35 and Emmi 31, the co-founders body awareness centre Matrix Room, summarise. If a person wants to make a life change it helps, if you understand the body and where the physiological presence has adapted to and how it is connected to the emotional, belief and experiences of a person. The philosophy of the Matrix Room is to challenge to look deeper into oneself and into those parts that we are not aware of.

The goal of the Lahti’s is to help their clients understand themselves, their bodies and their lives as a whole. The clients’ topics often have to do with work, relationship and health. Originally Essi is an osteopath and Emmi sports massage therapist and they have both studied Holistic Human Understanding in Germany and Spain.

The philosophy is based on German, Thomas Hertlein’s (43) Human Decoding method, that the sisters are bringing to Finland.

“Many of our clients go through changes in their career growth and work on changing their roles in their fields – we look for ways to support them”

The Lahtis‘ clientele in Finland is a colourful mix from corporate leaders, professional health care workers to single mothers. Their clients also include European Royalty and dozens of foreign celebrities.

The Lahtis’ got to know the royals when they were living in the Swiss Alps in Verbier. There they also connected for the first time with the international artists who they still work with when the most known musicians in the world visit Finland.

When a client first visits the Matrix Room they will get a mapping, which is an extensive study of the clients patterns – physical, emotional and spiritual life. The physical is studied and measured osteopathically, also the current roles are checked through the behaviour, looks and clothing.

Studying clients’ looks and presence is very sensitive work and the Lahti’s know from their own experience that looking at yourself is not easy.

“During the years I’ve changed my weight, my clothing, my hairstyles various times. The expressions I have and the tensions in my body change as I get to know myself more” Emmi says.

Essi Lahti maps out her clients lives and bodies also physically and making connections by asking questions. Among different pains the clients may have relationship topics, money topics or feel like their lives are too small. Everything can be seemingly fine but the feeling is that something is missing. This can be seen for example as under achieving and lack of passion both in work and personal life – or for example in the sex life – Essi says

The body can be supported after mapping through different body treatments or taking part in our study groups.

Essi’s own passion for this kind of work started when she was working as a massage therapist in Switzerland. She found herself wondering often why she did not feel good. Her massage and osteopaths work did not give her the answers to why she had overweight, skin problems and problems in her relationship to men.

She got to know Hertlein, the German mentor and coach who helped Essi to map out the relationship between her body and life experiences.

Thomas Hertlein is known as a charismatic and provocative speaker who has collected information and experiences through various paths eg. from psychopathology, martial arts and acting – out of which he has created a fusion called Human Decoding. It gives a new way to approach body, spirituality, life, relationships and work. It helps to identify our own roles and how the body supports the sustaining of various emotions and patterns.

In Hertlein’s Academy in Germany Essi started to understand herself better. She lost 17kg of weight, her acne cured and she started to understand why her relationships were so challenging. “Hertlein was the first person who I think truly saw me. He gave me the missing link I was looking for – The understanding why some parts of my body fail, don’t work as they should or get painful. Out of that started a passionate study period into myself that has now lasted for 10years.”

Essis sister Emmi also got interested in the method and started her changes. Her weight dropped dramatically as she did not need the protection wall the weight then gave her.

The clients who have come during the years have had similar changes. Emmi shows pictures of clients before and after and the changes are obvious. Some have changed their weight, clothing, hair styles and even found make up. The sisters also show their own pictures from their own Human Decoding. “The clients are grateful that we don’t try to be above them or enlightened in some way – we have been studying for 10years to recognize and share about the deep human topics,” the sisters say.

So they don’t want to offer readymade package solutions but to try to see the world through the client’s eyes. Thomas Hertlein has said that he studies his clients until he is certain that if he were the client he would do the same – this way making sure that he understands the world of the client. If the client’s physical or emotional problem does not seem to make sense, some vital information is missing.

Even though a person might wish for a life change, the base of Human Decoding is that the problem is always a solution for something. For what – is to be discovered.

Even though you might feel like some behaviours or patterns are not good they serve for something and are adaptations to the life you live and situations you are confronted with.

“The Matrix Room is a place to study what kind of pieces our personas have been built out of. The aim is not to punish yourself for being bad for having problems but to understand what patterns you use and what these patterns serve. We want that people get excited about themselves and their lives with all their pains and problems”.