My experience at the Matrix Room – Andrea

Participating in the study group this year, has been a complete life saver.
I have learnt such an incredible amount about myself and others, have
formed lifetime lasting and loving friendships and I have had a safe
haven to be totally myself and receive support from others.

I have looked very much forward to them. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to participate in something that is very open, raw, real and sincere, in a place where everyone is there to learn about and better themselves and those around them and in a place where we don’t judge and we truly care about each other.

After years of been in a severe depression, that also affected one of
the most important things to me, my marriage to the love of my life,
thanks to my private sessions and the study group sessions, I am in a
place where I truly like myself and know who I am, I have also
recently left my anti-depressants and I feel like I have physically
and metaphorically come back to me, as I had “left” my life for a
couple of years.
Thank you Matrix Room for this! Words cannot express my gratitude towards you.