Newsletter April 2014 – Love and personal growth

Is your heart open to be challenged?

I read this quote from Paolo Coehlo this morning while preparing to challenge my heart: “Don’t give in to your fears. If you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart”

The Matrix Room is preparing for the next Skills and Awareness training through the topic of love and Heart Based Living. What does love and heart have to do with expanding our skills and senses as professionals?
Last week we opened the “love bubble” in our Tuesday study group and looked at our interpretations of relationships, sex, partnership and love.

Why is it that sometimes it feels like love is not enough? That no matter what you do it just does not work?

While I looked (and keep looking) for my definition of LOVE I got reminded of what I learned once in one of our workshops.

Thomas explained that as an energy love is not like the others. If we imagine other energies to travel on a wave and therefore to have a frequency, love on the other hand is like a spiral, which can fit all the other frequencies in it – making it the largest combination of frequencies that we can imagine.

But what is real love then?
Is it the un-changing and forever devoted commitment we make?
The frequency we commit to?

“You are this for me and I am that for you – once we thought this and can’t get out of our vows? We have to play the same roles for the rest of our lives, because we made a promise once to love?” Is that love?

Or is it actually the beauty of allowing our worlds to change? The beauty of letting change happen? The beauty of seeing that we grow, change, make steps in life and can discover each other again? Is real love letting the spiral turn and finding each other again in new roles?

“Love is the understanding of perfection – it is perfect as it is and does not need me to make it better. The funny thing is: thinking like this I will make it better.” – Thomas Hertlein

When love is not enough – does it just mean we didn’t open our hearts to love more?

“Love that has enough space to understand doesn’t stop. This kind of love grows. This kind of love wants more growth, understanding and connection. The more I feel, the more I see, the more I can share, and the more I can love…” – Thomas Hertlein

So can it be that the spiral of love is actually something like an ability to expand our “world” to see and feel more? To not get stuck in our definitions of good and bad?

Using that principal in our work would be then to allow ourselves to see that our clients might be more than just “what we assume” or what fits to our toolbox of solutions?

Have a great week,