Newsletter August 2013 – Workaholics

Greetings from the Matrix Room,

essiFotolia_50196223_XS43ad16So, I was wondering if you see the resemblance between those two pictures?

Not only that they are both looking rather endearing in the picture –  they share a pattern:


Before summer started we looked at ourselves in the team and realized we are like “Work-Mules” – you know those hybrids of an ass (the animal=donkey) and a horse?

We had worked as stubbornly as an ass to hold on to our old ways for months and at the same time trying to run like a horse to bring in new quality.

Needless to say it did not work. I think I can speak for the whole team when I say this – we felt like an ASS in so many ways during this summer.

As I understood it, the great thing about mules is that they can carry a lot of weight and can move heavy things… but in all seriousness – why would life need to be so heavy?

Connected to this theme I had an interesting talk with Thomas about debts. He explained that if I keep on doing the old ASS way, trying to reach a new result I will steadily create debts, because the old way won’t allow the space that is needed (emotionally, mentally and physically) for new results, as I exhaust myself with my style of working. This will mean that the end result will never be satisfying even if I would reach my goal, because I am completely done and won’t have space to enjoy my results.

So we used our summer in a pretty genius way I would say, learning ways to start fresh and bring in more space to our work. The main themes became QUALITY, INCORRUPTIBILITY, HONESTY AND SPACE.

Now, each day we check our “mule-status” = Did we give enough value to our feelings? Are we feeling nourished by the people we are with? Are we taking care of our bodies? Are we being honest with what we want? Are we aware of what is happening inside of us? – Or are we being an ass about it and ignoring information?

“It’s all about space” – Thomas Hertlein

Have a great day!