Newsletter January 2014 – meet “The Need Monster”

Greetings from the Matrix Room,
(and my good friends Pippi and Pocahontas)

This week Darren, our programmer and I have been programming our new online shop and setting up meditations in it. I feel like I am bursting with the need to share the new sites with you…

Some years ago we had an Academy weekend in Germany, where we studied the “Need Monster” – it’s basically the monster inside of you that grows when you don’t live your needs. It lives in the darkness of your body, in the darkest corners of your brain where you tried to lock it into. And it’s HUUUUUNGRY!! and needs to be fed.

The need monster was one of the fun tools we used to study body reading with Thomas. Where can we find the “monster” in the body? Is it lurking in the back pain? Can we see it smiling behind the acne? Is it camping out in the cells of the body? Where is it?

If it’s not fed, it gets bigger, uglier and louder!

I’ve discovered a big need monster in me. While working on the business and trying to be very professional, I’ve tried to switch off my need for closeness with people. Trying to intellectualize my world, when before it’s been all about feeling the physical. For someone whose profession was to treat bodies and massage people for 10years, it’s definitely not easy. You can imagine how my business meetings look while I try desperately to hide my monster and speak “professional”.

You know that feeling when you’ve not expressed something for some time and it starts to get so big you are afraid you might explode when you do finally express it?  So you pack tension in your body, stop breathing as much as you can, maybe switch off a little hearing and a bit of eye-sight so that nothing comes in or get’s out… That’s pretty much how I feel, if I don’t find a way to “touch” – and it’s not only about the physical touch, it’s sharing what we’ve been building for the past years – finally being able to show you the Matrix Room, the websites, our training programs, our products, our videos… ! As much as I seem to like being sloooow – I feel like, if this monster does not get fed soon it’ll eat me up.

On that note – our next trainings are coming soon. We have very few places left but, if you want to come and learn how to feed the need monster and read where it is in the body, we have some great stuff coming up. Also, Thomas has space for a couple of clients – contact me if you want to meet him. Check out the links below!

Have a happy beginning of the new week,