Newsletter June 2013 – Balance in a stand still

Greetings from the Matrix Room,

I’ve been studying the greatness of having problems these last weeks. What if nothing happens in the body without a reason? What if this reason is always connected to some kind of movement?

“A lot of times we try to get balance in still stand. We pretend that our organism is something that does not move.

But what if the misbalance or the problem I am having is a misbalance only in the moment – only in the standstill? What if this misbalance helps me to get to another step, to climb another step on the latter, to get to another goal?

If I as a therapist don’t see the process I will say that you are in disequilibrium. If I don’t understand the perfection behind the imperfection I would say we have to balance your misbalance –  you are sick, you are not healthy, you do wrong… You were not able to stay in balance, so you feel bad. You must have done something wrong. Shit misbalanced again…

The therapy becomes very different if you accompany the movement instead of fight against the movement or try to stop the movement. Then you accompany and you form your balance through your misbalance where this movement is part of your balance.” – Thomas Hertlein

Have a great new week!