Newsletter May 2013 – Greetings from Mallorca

Greetings from Mallorca!

We have just finished a very intensive weekend of Skills and Awareness training with Thomas. I’m sitting by the sea moved by life. My horizon feels as “out of balance” as it does in my picture. But at the same time pretty beautiful.

While building the Matrix Room in Helsinki life has started to evolve both inside and outside – we are growing as individuals.

I find challenges that I have never dealt with before – like how to stay sensitive and woman while growing to become an authority and seriously taken in business. Or how to simply make defined steps without bouncing around everywhere…

Thomas once said that there is no movement without a misbalance. You can’t walk without first creating a misbalance.

This got me thinking today about taking steps in life… I have taken a new position in my life, building up a business and it challenges me deeply and brings me out of balance. It’s funny, I always thought balance would be something good, that when I reach balance “I have arrived to my destination” – but now I am realizing how could I grow if I am already in balance? Is there really a destination or just movement?

Thomas taught me that I need to train my body to find the security for this new movement, so that I will help my brain feel stabile when everything else in my life is on the move. Also to get the feedback from my muscles that I am strong enough to do this… I find that quite an amazing help.

The idea for this news letter came because I wanted to share what happens in our lives while we build up the Matrix Rooms and at the same time share some of the inspiration and tools we get from Thomas with you.

One of the greatest tools I have learned until now is sharing. Talk about what happens in your life and it´s amazing how much you can learn while listening to yourself.

Have a great week


Our next Skills and Awareness training with Thomas is in August in Finland. Check out the invitation below, if you wish to learn directly from him.