Newsletter May 2014 – Your worst problem might be your greatest solution

Your worst problem might be your greatest solution.

“Fat is power. Why would you try to get rid of it? Use it!” – Thomas Hertlein

Dear friends,

Ever wonder why you don’t loose weight? We’ve got a secret weapon to share. It’s not a diet but something way more fun. What if you are hiding your greatest power in your fat tissue and as long as you don’t connect with it, you can’t use it? We are testing a new inspiration meditation called BUTTITUDE at

For 9€ (Mp3 download) we invite you to discover the connection between your fat tissue and life topics. Thomas uses his voice to tune into the frequency of fat and discover what is connected to it.

At the same time you will be supporting our young start up to move on to product development.
All support is greatly appreciated and we would love to hear your thoughts!

Ystävät ihanat testaamme Buttitude inspiraatio-meditaatiota osoitteessa Selvitä 9€:n audiomeditaatiolla onko liikakiloissa ehkä piilossa juuri se asia mitä kaipaat elämässä – Samalla tuet Matrix siskojen alkavaa yritystä siirtymään tuotekehityksen pariin!! Kaikki tuki saa isosti kiitosta. Nyt tarvitaan tuulta purjeisiin!

Smiles to your day,