Newsletter October 2013 – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween people,

We had an interesting talk with a friend this week about the time of Halloween and the time of autumn when nature is “dying” – at least here in Finland.

While this death happens we are also celebrating the death of our “lost causes” in the Matrix Room. Those projects that didn’t succeed and mistakes that lead to more death.

I was fighting for a long time and doing CPR on some of our projects while that “angel of death” (who you can see in the picture) kept hovering over me saying I should stop waisting my energy and already start the funeral. It’s dead. Let it die.

Hmmm…. It’s not so easy to let an idea die, to let a mistake die or to let something I wanted to have die. But while fighting for something to not die, I haven’t given enough space for those projects that could succeed. Maybe there is wisdom in death and it needs to happen to make space for something new. Nature is also really cleaver – autumn is not only about dying but about harvesting what has grown, collecting the “rewords” of the past season.

I think the angel of death is right – it’s time to let die and bury the dead. But also celebrate the life that came, and maybe will still come, from this death once I start to give the rewords space.

Besides, I keep looking at how happy Snow White looks after confronting her “death”  – maybe she knows something I don’t know yet? 🙂

Have a fun day!