Newsletter October 2013 – What “glasses” do you see the world through?

Does life sometimes feel like you are wearing huge “shit goggles”?
And that everywhere you look you see the same?

Well maybe it’s really because you ARE wearing “shit goggles”?!

I was editing some videos yesterday and came across this hugely inspiring talk about being aware of our “glasses” and how the feelings and sensations we have in our body can affect our behavior in relationships.


“The problem might not be that big. But for me it is big due to the mixture of information that comes from inside of my body and from my surrounding at the same time. Therefore the base for the therapists who work in my centers is: Get aware of who you are in this moment, before you go into your session” – Thomas Hertlein

Today I am inspired to FEEL HOW I SEE the world! Not only to think about it and “feel about it” – I decided to buy these lovely Elvis shades, so that incase my body is wearing “shit goggles” – I’ll look cool.

Have a fun day!