Newsletter September 2013 – Adulthood

I’ve waited years for this!

I saw this comic this morning and had to share it. I keep looking at the middle image where “Responsibility” kicks ass. Then come the “Bills” and it’s all fun and games after that…

My year has been a lot like this. First trying to avoid, run away and dodge Responsibility and now finally getting to know how it feels to “take” responsibility. We talked a lot with Thomas about being proud of myself and paying the price for a new position in life – mine being the head of this new company.

Thomas once said that: There is not THE PRICE for success. That everyone has their own price to pay – and when you find yours and pay it – you will make it. So I’ve been looking for my price… and I think it’s connected to responsibility. Being willing to take the responsibility for the bad things so that I can claim responsibility for the good as well. Because before not wanting to stand for the bad – I could not stand for the good either (and feel like a winner).

These days I am realizing how much I enjoy my “sparring” with responsibility. It makes me feel like a winner: “Okay – Responsibility let’s do it again! I’ve waited years for this!! I’ve waited years to pay my price” 

Enjoy your week!!!