Apply a feeling to provoke a feeling – The art of knowing how

“An intelligent man said once, I think it was a politician: Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

Now, if you exchange the word idea with information,  you’ll get the secret of my work: “Nothing is as powerful as information that is at the right place at the right time”.

Have I told you the story about the plumber? There was a hotel that was flooded because a pipe had broken. So the people from the hotel went down to the cellar to turn off the water but there were 800 possibilities to choose from and they didn’t know which screw was the right one. So they called a plumber.
The plumber came, checked the pipes, turned off the water, fixed one screw and the flooding stopped.
The hotel manager said “Thank you. What do you want for your work? You can bill me anything. You saved my life” So the plumber wrote a bill for 100 €. The hotel manager saw the bill and said “Wow, a 100 €, that is a lot for a screw. I need to explain that to the accountant so could you write me a bill where you explain what the 100 € went for?”
So the plumber wrote a bill, 1 screw 50 cents, knowing which screw to change 99,50€.
It is not the screw that is the magic, it is to know where to put it. It is not a sentence that can be touching and powerful, we all can form words, we all can read books with great sentences, it is the timing and feeling of the sentence that makes the difference.
You can hear some sentences a thousand times and then all of a sudden someone tells you the same sentence but it’s not the same sentence anymore. All of a sudden the same sentence means something to you. It’s the same with some songs. You heard some songs many times and then one day you sit in the car and you hear it again and you go like “wow, I never heard the words before”. “Wow this is good”. “This is a great song but I never was aware of it before”. Why? Because it wasn’t there at the right time. You can say the greatest thing and you can do the greatest thing but if it is the wrong time… it goes to waste. You can have the best seeds but if it is not the right time your woman is not going to get pregnant. You can have a lot of sex but nothing will happen because it is not the right time. This is why I call the ReadTreat Therapies an art and not a technique. A technique is something that you can apply all the time, art is not. Art needs feelings.
A technique can be applied and it does nothing. It does not necessarily touch the whole human except to treat a part that it was created for. Whereas when you apply a technique at the right time it’s going to unfold its whole power. It is able to connect different parts. This is something that you can’t learn from books and you can’t learn it mentally because you are going to forget or you will miss some of the parts.
It’s like when somebody is trying to organize their lives through their head. They are trying mentally to reach a goal and they do everything to get there. They try and try but they always feel that something is missing because they were lacking information on a different level. They want to reach a feeling but they don’t use a feeling to get there.
When you apply a technique and you want to provoke a feeling, it’s much more difficult than when you apply a feeling it is much easier to provoke a feeling. Being aware of it you can accompany it. If you do a technique you can provoke a feeling but it doesn’t mean that you are going to understand what is happening in the body and with the feelings of the person and why. Because you provoke somebody with treating without feeling.
It is going to provoke some feelings but neither you nor the client will understand it if you don’t connect on other levels. You could understand it in your head but not in your body.
So it is to find the right moment. And how do you find the right moment? You have to use all your senses! Because the right moment is a part of the process and presents itself before it is there. The right moment is right for different senses with different speeds. That is why I think results can be so much greater and deeper when you combine them with the right moment and feeling.”
– Thomas Hertlein