Do you ever wonder why we act in one way or another in different situations in life? Why our body reacts in certain ways? Why it gets formed the way it does? And why we are surrounded by certain people or attract similar situations again and again?

How could you understand those questions and go deeper? How could you find out what to do when you want a change or new results?

It is about behaviour patterns; the programs we use to act in one way or another in different parts of our lives.

The same orders that your brain uses to give a solution for a topic in your work or in your relationship, are what your brain uses to organise your body. The body adapts itself perfectly to the interpretation we have of life and of those situations and context we find ourselves in. And the body is constantly adapting.

Working on body consciousness could be a gateway for understanding the patterns we use. Through understanding the body, we are able to understand how we react to different situations in life.

For this purpose it is sometimes necessary to stop for a while and feel, observe the situations that we are experiencing and how our body responds to them.

Your body is your gateway to find answers for your life.


The Matrix Room is a “decoding center” physically located in Helsinki Finland where we learn to read the Human Matrix, the connectedness of our brain, body and life and learn to recognise the roles and patterns we use in our daily lives.

In this blog we share the questions that drive us:

* Can we be healthy, successful, rich on every level, spiritual, in love and have fun? How can we understand the situations we are in? How can we understand our body and how it is responding to our life?


The Matrix Room utilizes forms of working and therapies created by Thomas Hertlein: Human Decoding®, REadTREAT Therapies® and Holistic Human Understanding, which allow us to learn the languages of our clients’ lives and bodies.

We have created products like Mp3 guided meditations, video packages, Podcasts and more to support our clients in their quest for answers.